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So, Joss has decided from now on to give us what we want, not what he thinks we need...

...for which I have no complaints. But enough on that.

I took a break from my love/hate relationship with Tumblr to exult in the new comic, but now I realize that I could have just come here. Normally, I'm afraid to post here because I know that I'll never respond to the comments in time, but I have a (mostly) free day tomorrow, so I'm optimistic. :)

These are mostly shippy thoughts, only because these are the only thoughts I haven't already seen posted elsewhere. But mostly, I did enjoy this issue, despite several problems with overall themes and vague character interactions. For the first time in a long time ever, the comic felt like Buffy, and that’s given me a sense of closure that I haven’t really felt since Chosen. And thusly I am happy. :)

On Spuffy:

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So there’s this. Simple exchange, kind of snarky, but it makes me ridiculously happy. Mostly because:

“Are you parked on the roof again?”

“I’ve begged you not to call me that.”

In this future, while Buffy waits tables and copes with the weight of the world, Spike’s there- Spike’s often there, and moments like this often happen. I don’t need domestic Spuffy. I’d like some romance, but the feelings here are overt enough to satisfy me. What I want is this: a Spike who comes by all the time, with whom Buffy has long conversations on the windowsill and they bicker and tease and remain familiar with each other. I want the S7 emotions with the Intervention-through-OMWF relationship.

And the comics seem to indicate that that’s happened, and for that, I’m inordinately squeeful. :)


On BA:

I called the Faith&Angel arc last issue and expressed desires for F/A, but after reading that Buffy now can't even look at Angel, I'm shipping BA even more than usual. It's the conflict that draws me in, and I love seeing that kind of conflict between Buffy and Angel. Angel's in pieces and Buffy won't forgive, and working through that might be the one thing that can bring them into a real, adult relationship. And that's the challenge of BA, right? 
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