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So, Joss has decided from now on to give us what we want, not what he thinks we need...

...for which I have no complaints. But enough on that.

I took a break from my love/hate relationship with Tumblr to exult in the new comic, but now I realize that I could have just come here. Normally, I'm afraid to post here because I know that I'll never respond to the comments in time, but I have a (mostly) free day tomorrow, so I'm optimistic. :)

These are mostly shippy thoughts, only because these are the only thoughts I haven't already seen posted elsewhere. But mostly, I did enjoy this issue, despite several problems with overall themes and vague character interactions. For the first time in a long time ever, the comic felt like Buffy, and that’s given me a sense of closure that I haven’t really felt since Chosen. And thusly I am happy. :)

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