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Fic dump! (Once Upon a Time, Emma/Regina)

(we're still not discussing this problem, but I've been prolific!)

Satin Town (9/23 chapters posted, ongoing! Yes, an actual longfic from me!), M

Emma Swan meets the evil queen, raising her son in a fairy tale land inexplicably located in Maine.

It goes about as well as you'd expect.


Windows, T

"No," Regina amends, "Why do you keep coming back?"

Oh. She stares down into a drawer of perfectly folded undershirts, a flurry of mixed feelings straining to escape all at once. To keep an eye on you is the easiest, For Henry the quickest, but what finally emerges is more honest than she'd ever intended. "I know what it's like to be alone," she murmurs, and when she looks up Regina is watching her with mingled disbelief and distrust.

"Oh, shut up, it's true," Emma snaps, irritated despite herself.


A Journey, in Three Acts, M

AU from after the Cricket Game. Regina and Belle are taken captive by Cora and Hook.


Bloodless, T

I’m endgame here, she wants to tell him. The vampire isn’t coming for me yet. She knows this as instinctively as she knows that the scene in Regina’s office had been a macabre display for her benefit, and that Regina fits no profile of the victims but the one where her death would stagger Emma.


the fleeting shade, G

“I love my mother,” Regina repeats, but there’s a quiet hopelessness in her tone, desperation on her face that bespeaks reluctance. And you begin to wonder if Regina isn’t just as captive to Cora’s whims as the rest of you.

(In which Cora uses her love spell on Regina.)

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Tags: emma/regina, once upon a time, oneshot, satin town

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